Events & Ticket Sales

With Unioo, you can easily create your events. Attach tickets and sell them online. Scan the tickets when participants arrive. All without expensive equipment or payment agreements.


The participant pays by credit card and receives the ticket instantly via SMS and email.

Automatic Transactions

After the event, the association automatically receives the ticket revenue deposited into the association's account.

Scan Tickets

Assign ticket inspectors to the event and let them scan tickets using their smartphones.

Create Events

It's easy to create events in Unioo and sell tickets online. Your events are displayed on your own event page, which you can link directly to. Add a description and an image to bring extra life to your event.


When the participant has paid, a digital ticket is generated. This ticket can subsequently be scanned by a ticket inspector. The ticket is scanned simply via a QR code, and afterward, you have a complete overview of participants. The ticket can only be used once.

How much is it?

It's practically free to use Unioo's ticketing solution. A small ticket fee of 8 kroner is added, which the ticket buyer pays, just as you know it from other ticketing systems (only cheaper). Additionally, there is a small card fee paid by the association to the card provider.

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Membership Management for Small Associations

Membership management and automatic fee collection are usually associated with high costs for expensive IT and payment systems. With Unioo, the only costs are standard card fees and a small administrative fee, which can be charged to the member, split, or paid by the association. You decide entirely.

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Automatic Subscriptions +
Board Portal

Create the association's members and let membership fees run automatically. The board's work can now be consolidated in the board portal – meetings, agendas, tasks, files, and much more.

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